Mystic Places
Horses Think Press
Richmond, VA and Brooklyn, NY
Edition of 500
9.5 x 7 inches (24.13 x 17.78 cm)
One Color Offset on glossy paper
Perfect Bound, cover embossed with silver foil stamp
Design by Justin James Reed and Ofer Wolberger

Mystic Places utilizes a reflective silver metallic ink whose basic premise revolves around the deconstruction of the book form itself. Completely derived from a pre-existing text, Mystic Places strips almost all content from the original and leaves a residual collection of abstract shapes, empty frames and various historical imagery. The title alludes to the inherently mysterious qualities of the content and is finalized by a 3-page index detailing supernatural sites and monuments, theoreticians and dreamers who engaged in paranormal investigation and fantastical events. This volume is one of a series that examines the history and nature of seemingly paranormal phenomena.