Horses Think Press
Richmond, VA and Brooklyn, NY
Edition of 100
13 x 9.5 inches (33.02 x 24.13 cm)
Printed with Firefly Ink
Inkjet w/ accompanying ultraviolet flashlight
Design by Common Name

2013 was printed with experimental ultraviolet "firefly" ink that is no longer available. Initially appearing as a folded set of white pages, with the assistance of an included ultraviolet flashlight the book reveals a rich and vibrant sequence of imagery that oscillates between photographs, text works and pure form, creating a viewing that is both temporary and ethereal. At the core of this project is engagement with a viewer, implicating and involving them in the act of perceptual experience itself. Additionally, the book is meant to encourage communal viewings during which multiple people share in the experiential qualities of the work concurrently. This aspect was realized through curated viewing events held at the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center and MoMA PS1.